Europe Crane considers its employees to be its most valuable resource and undertakes to safeguard, as far as practicable, all employees and the public at large from injury, damage and environmental impact arising from any of the operations associated with its business.


Our mission is to complete all our projects to the highest safety, health and environmental standard

Europe Crane is further obligation to protect its physical assets against damage, wastage and/or loss and prevent or minimize any adverse impacts arising from its operations on the environment.


In accordance with this policy, Europe Crane undertakes:

  • To consider and comply with all statutory safety, health and environmental legislation as being a minimum standard of precautionary practice.
  • To ensure that risk is reduced to a minimum by the implementation of safety, health and environment program's designed to protect employees and property and to strive for continual improvement and review.
  • To ensure that safety, health and environment take precedence over expediency and to train its employees to improve their knowledge of safety, health and environmental risks.
  • To be responsible towards the environment in which the organization operates.
  • To effectively protect natural resources through the protection of natural vegetation, rehabilitation of construction sites and management of drainage and runoff water.
  • To effectively control all forms of pollution by reducing, re-using and recycling of all waste to minimize disposal and to promote the efficient use of natural resources.
  • To contribute to the long term social, economic and institutional development of all employees and the communities within which the operation is located
All employees are directly involved in the achievement of these objectives. They will be advised and assisted by those managers and supervisors who have legal responsibility for ensuring that all problems relating to safety, health and environment are given the required attention and brought to the notice of management.

Employee obligations to ensure the achievement of these objectives include:

  • Compliance with all safety, health and environment measures which the company may set out.
  • Taking all reasonable care for their own safety and health, the safety and health of others and the prevention of loss or damage to company property.
  • Ensuring that protective clothing and safety equipment is used as stipulated to provide protection and to guard against injury to personnel or damage to property.
  • Reporting all unsafe acts or conditions to their work supervisor or health and safety official.
The co-operation of employees at all levels acting, as a committed team in carrying out this policy will ensure the safest possible working conditions, thus minimizing injuries and losses.

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